“Music is the enhancement of the senses, without it life may as well be senseless”

Ever since I can remember music was an escape, an enhancement of every emotion I felt. The sounds explained my feelings in such a flawless way words never could.

I’m a singer/songwriter as well as a guitarist.

If I were to to mention a few artists that inspire me, they would be: India Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Bebe, Juliana Barrios, Etta James, Annie Lennox and Celia Cruz.

I’ve worked with the lovely individual Steve Bradley, trumpet player of “No Doubt”. When we met he asked me if I could write lyrics in spanish, in which I responded yes. That moment embarked our first project together, a song by the name “Baile”.

Ive always considered myself a soulful singer: jazz, blues, soft spanish rock, salsa and Broadway Tunes are my go to’s. But soon after writing and singing the demo of “Baile” with Steve  to be considered for a Paramount movie trailer, I realised that I could do more genre’s especially with him by my side.

I hope you enjoy “Baile” as much as I enjoyed realizing this project.